About Us

REACH East is a non-profit organization whose purposes are:

  • to assist parents who are considering homeschooling to make an informed choice
  • to facilitate an informed community awareness of homeschooling
  • to offer support and information to all homeschooling families from a Christian perspective.

REACH East serves the East King County area of Washington state. Membership entitles you to meeting attendance and participation in activities and field trips organized by REACH East.

REACH East is made up of homeschooling families from a variety of cultural educational backgrounds who have different motivations, priorities and styles for homeschooling. We are a Christian homeschool support group committed to supporting homeschooling families in the common goal of educating our children at home.


  • to educate parents
  • to provide support
  • to offer resources
  • to sponsor family events
  • to provide networking opportunities with other homeschooling families
  • to present homeschooling as a viable and positive educational alternative


Membership is strongly encouraged. Supporting those things that support us insures that they stay in place. REACH East cannot continue without its membership. The annual membership fee supports the following:

  • monthly meeting facilities
  • special guest speakers
  • special family activities
  • REACH East newsletters
  • REACH East phone directory
  • special events and activities
  • networking opportunities with other homeschooling parents
  • field trip opportunities
  • liability insurance for REACH East and for its board members

An application to join REACH East is available here. Then you can print it, fill it out, and send in the application with the membership fee to:

P.O. Box 40127
Bellevue, WA 98015

You can also fill out the application form on-line and pay the membership fee using PayPal. Click here to join now!

Website / Email group

This website is for the REACH East support group. It is a communication tool for members; with it we can post announcements, be reminded of up-coming events on the calendar, and access important documents and forms.

This site is for REACH members only. It is intended to supplement the newsletter by keeping us informed about announcements and field trip information that can't make it into the newsletter due to deadline restraints. Please respect our membership by using discretion in passing along any information from this website to non-members.

There is a calendar on the site of the activities that are occurring each week. There are Resource Documents, including the Washington state homeschooling law, letter of intent forms and retail stores for curriculum and discounts.

After joining REACH East, you will be contacted by one of the REACH East members with more information about accessing this website. If you want more information before joining, you can contact us at info@reacheast.org.

We look forward to meeting you.